Incline Skull Crushers: How To Do, Muscle Worked & Technique

Incline Skull Crushers

The Incline Skull Crusher is one of the best types of skull crushers that can be done on an incline bench with an Ez-bar, straight bar, or dumbbells. You can also adjust the bench angle as needed. The incline skull crushers workouts are a great way to build definition and muscle in the back of … Read more

How To Do Dumbbell Skull Crushers and Its Variations

Incline Dumbbell Skull Crusher

Dumbbell Skull crushers aka supine or lying triceps extensions work your triceps as your elbow bends and straightens, while your shoulder muscles stabilize your shoulder joint. The name “skull crusher” derives from the exercise mechanics of bringing the weight down to your skull from an overhead position. The dumbbell skull crushers exercises are an excellent … Read more