How To Do Decline Tricep Extension and Tips

Decline Tricep Extension

The decline tricep extension is an isolation exercise that works the triceps (back of the upper arm). It is a versatile movement that targets your tricep muscles by repetitively flexing the elbow joint against resistance. To give your triceps a workout, try out the exercises below. You can do the triceps decline extension with different … Read more

Cable Tricep Kickbacks: Muscle Worked, Tips & Alternate

Cable Tricep Kickbacks

Are you looking to improve your workout routine and strengthen your triceps in a new way? Look no further than the cable tricep kickback. This exercise is a game-changer for those who are looking to sculpt and strengthen their triceps. In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of the cable tricep kickback, proper form, … Read more

Close Grip Barbell Curl: Muscle Worked, Benefit & Alternate

Close Grip Barbell Curl

Are you tired of the same old bicep curls or want to add more variation to your workout routine? Look no further than the close grip barbell curl for a workout. This is simple yet effective exercise, targets your biceps, resulting in bigger and stronger guns. By using a narrow grip on the barbell, you’ll … Read more

Compound Arm Exercises to Build Bigger Bicep & Tricep

Compound Arm Exercises to Build Bigger Bicep & Tricep

Are you looking to add variety to your arm workout routine and maximize your gains? Compound arm exercises are a great way to do just that. Compound arm exercises are a great way to build your muscle mass and develop your strength, as it activate more than one muscle group at a time. They offer … Read more

Wall Push Ups: The Ultimate Workout Guide For Beginners

Wall Push Ups

Wall push-ups are a great bodyweight exercise that can help strengthen your chest, shoulders, and triceps. They can also help improve your posture and stability, as well as increase your upper body strength and endurance. Standing push-ups are a low-impact exercise that people of all fitness levels can do. So, they are a good choice … Read more

7 Best Barbell Triceps Exercises For Mass and Strength

Barbell Tricep Exercises & Workouts

If you’re looking to enhance the development of your triceps and maximize the development of your upper arms, then you should add barbell exercises to your tricep workout regime. Barbell triceps exercises are a great way to build muscle mass and strengthen your triceps, as they activate more than one muscle group at a time. … Read more

Dumbbell Drag Curl: Benefit, Variations and Muscle Worked

Dumbbell Drag Curl

Dumbbell drag curl, is a variation of bicep curl that focus on maximizing the progressive overload and mechanical tension placed on the biceps. It’s also maximized the muscular hypertrophy and neurological adaptation that occurs as a direct result of the training. It is a biceps brachii isolation exercise, primarily performed by bodybuilders to improve the … Read more

How To Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks Properly

Dumbbell Tricep kickback

The dumbbell kickback is a strength-training exercise that targets the triceps muscle in the upper arm. It is an effective exercise for building arm size and strength. It is a popular choice for those looking to tone and strengthen their tricep. This blog will tell you everything you need to know:: After reading this blog, … Read more