10 Best Barbell Back Exercises for Strength and Mass

Barbell Back Exercises

In this article, we’ll explain exactly why barbell back exercises are so great. We will know the training variables you need to employ, and then we will show you how to do 10 of the best barbell exercises, so you can develop a broad, thick, V-tapered back.  The stronger your back is, the more stable your shoulders will be—meaning … Read more

Resistance Band Trap Exercises for Mass and Strength

Resistance band trap exercises

You are in the right place if you are looking for the best resistance band trap exercises to build massive and stronger traps. Get an incredibly muscular physique with well-developed trapezius muscles. There is so much more to trap training than just endless shrug variations. To really build up the traps, you should try to … Read more

Best Cable Trap Exercises For Strength & Size

Cable trap exercise

If you want to maximize the development of your upper back and build up your shoulders, then you need to do the best cable trap exercises. Although every cable trap exercises hit all three muscle fibers to some degree, certain ones are better than others at stressing the different Muscle fibers because of the biomechanics … Read more

Foam Roller Exercises For Back to Improve Pain & flexibility

Upper back Thoracic Spine foam roller

Most of us have tension in our upper back, neck, and shoulders due to constant hunching over a computer at work, looking at our phones, and from sitting and driving. This constant slumping can create stiffness and tightness over time, not to mention postural imbalances. Incorporating some stretching into your routine is a good place to start, but … Read more

Resistance Band Upright Row: Muscle Worked, Benefits

Resistance Band Upright Row

The resistance band upright row is a variation of the upright row and an exercise used to build the muscles of the shoulders and traps. Utilizing the resistance band is useful in that it provides constant tension on the target muscle group as you move the weight through the range of motion. There is no … Read more

Best Dumbbell Trap Exercises For Mass and Strength

Dumbbell Trap Exercises and workout

The trapezius muscles, also known as trap muscles, are a large muscle group in the upper back. Dumbbell trap exercises are strength-training exercises that target the trap muscles. Dumbbell trap workout can help you build bigger traps, improve your posture, and provide strength for Olympic weightlifting moves, such as deadlifts. The trapezius works to stabilize … Read more