Dumbbell Drag Curl: Benefit, Variations and Muscle Worked

Dumbbell Drag Curl

Dumbbell drag curl, is a variation of bicep curl that focus on maximizing the progressive overload and mechanical tension placed on the biceps. It’s also maximized the muscular hypertrophy and neurological adaptation that occurs as a direct result of the training. It is a biceps brachii isolation exercise, primarily performed by bodybuilders to improve the … Read more

15 Best Biceps Exercises With Dumbbells for Mass & Strength

Best Dumbbell Exercise for Biceps

Bicep exercises play a crucial role in building upper arm strength and improving overall arm definition. Dumbbells have become a popular choice for targeting the biceps because of their versatility and range of motion. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to some of the most effective dumbbell bicep exercises, as well as … Read more

Bodyweight Biceps Exercises at Home to Bigger Arm

Bodyweight Biceps Exercises at Home

If you want to build muscles and get stronger biceps at home using your body weight, this set of bodyweight biceps exercises is perfect for you! Larger and stronger biceps are fantastic to look at, but more than that, they are also important in doing workouts that strengthen the back and improve posture. You can … Read more

Biceps and Triceps Workout Supersets to Gain Arms Size

Biceps and Triceps Workout Supersets to Gain Arms Size

Looking for a challenging workout for your biceps and triceps? Look no further than the superset workout! Supersetting is a great way to pack in plenty of work for both muscles at the same time, while also providing a great cardiovascular challenge. It’s grueling and challenging, but it will leave your entire arm with a … Read more