Landmine Row: Muscle Worked, Form, Benefits

If you want to add some freshness and variety to your workouts and give yourself a new challenge, give this landmine row exercises a try. Landmine row training and the exercises you can perform are empowering, and extremely beneficial, and can be a key component in your training arsenal.

Landmine Row is extremely versatile and effective for building functional strength through all planes of motion, as well as packing on some serious muscle mass.

In this post, we cover everything you need to know about landmine row exercises, including the benefits of using a landmine and how to do it safely and effectively.

Landmine Row

What Is A Landmine Row Exercise ?

If you’ve ever seen someone at the gym holding on to one end of a barbell at a diagonal angle with the other end stuck into a corner or slid into some contraption. Then you know what a landmine exercise is, even if you didn’t know, you know it.

While using a landmine attachment is great, it is not mandatory. You can rest the barbell against a secure surface like a wall, box/other objects, or on a no-slip surface.

So really, all that is required to perform landmine row exercises is a barbell and perhaps several weight plates. To be very clear, you absolutely need to be sure that the bar is in a stable position and will not slip. This is necessary.

Landmine Row Muscle Worked

Landmine Row exercises are especially effective at targeting your major muscle groups: Back, deltoids, Biceps, Traps glutes, and core. 

We are going to show you the best landmine exercises that target specific muscle groups, as well as a few full-bodied, multi-planar exercises. That way you can isolate muscles for hypertrophy and perform big compound movements for androgen hormonal boosts, strength gains, and fat loss.


Landmine Row Exercises Benefits

Landmine Row Benefits can be very impressive! When performed correctly and consistently over time, the Landmine Row can allow you to achieve large strength gains. Some Landmine Row Benefits include,

Strengthen the Core: The landmine row is executed whilst standing. During the movement, the core has to work hard to keep the body stable and balanced. For that reason, the landmine row benefits the core, mainly the strength of the obliques.

Minimal Equipment Required — All you need is a barbell and perhaps several weight plates. You may also use a band to provide additional resistance. While having a landmine attachment is great, but it is not mandatory.

Reduce the Injury: Due to the fixed position of one end of the barbell and the more stable and predictable bar path, landmine exercises can sometimes be an extremely valuable tool to reduce the chance of injury.

Low Intimidation Factor — Let’s face it, not everyone has the desire to perform barbell lifts, and there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever. As I discussed above, landmine exercises provide similar benefits to many of the barbell exercises and are much less daunting to perform. Training should be fun and empowering, and should not bring people needless stress.

Posterior Chain strength: The landmine row is a very effective upper posterior chain exercise as it increased muscular strength of all the back muscles.

Variations: We love variety in a workout, so any exercise that has a ton of variations is right up our street.

Landmine Row Exercises Tips

Although landmine row are relatively safe in terms of free weight equipment, you still need to take certain precautions.

Follow these tips when using a landmine:

  • Focus on good, proper form before using heavy loads. Once you are comfortable with the movement, add weight and since its plate loadable, you can do so in smaller increments!
  • Understand that it’s harder to do a movement with the loaded end (the working side) of the barbell closer to the ground due to the unique arc-shaped bar path. This means lying, kneeling, and half-kneeling exercises will feel heavier and harder than standing exercises.
  • The barbell will move in an arc rather than a straight path, so get used to that feeling.
  • Make sure your set-up is secure before each exercise, especially if you are using a corner wall set up. Sometimes the bar can move out of position when loading it.
  • Warm up before doing landmine row.

For an intense workout that will work your upper body (Posterior chain) harder, and recruit your core and lower body muscles more, we highly recommend you must try landmine row.

Landmine Row 

The Landmine row is the classic landmine exercise. It is going to do an absolutely stellar job of targeting your lats, traps, posterior delts and rhomboids. This is one of the best exercises you can do for pure back thickness. Check the correct execution technique and blast your back muscles. It also works on the outer lats when done with a narrower grip.

T bar rows is a tough exercise, but building a strong back is a must to develop a quality physique, stay injury-free, and back pain-free for life.

T-Bar Row
Exercise Instructions
  1. With the barbell loaded, stand over the bar with a wide stance. Get into a bent over position with your spine straight and chest up.
  2. Bend at the hips and keep your back arched throughout the movement.
  3. Lift the bar until the bar touches your chest, keeping the back straight.
  4. Now slowly lower the bar until it nearly touches the ground.
  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Avoid hunchback bending as it leads to Injury.
  • Go Complete range of motion.

Best Variations of Landmine Rows

As previously mentioned, a major benefit to the Landmine Row is its many variations. Check out some Landmine Row variations below!

Landmine Single Arm Bent Over Row

If you are looking to strengthen the upper back and add massive muscle to the upper back region, then Landmine Single Arm Bent Over Row is the best upper back exercise.

The one arm bent over the row works your rear delt, rhomboids, teres major, middle traps, lats, and biceps. It’s also a great anti-rotation exercise, as you need to resist rotation by keeping your torso squared forward toward the ground.

It should be noted that there are other ways to do a single-arm row with a landmine. This one positions the landmine to your parallel rather than side with your body.

Landmine Single Arm Bent Over Row
Exercise Instructions
  1. Stand parallel to the bar with the end of the barbell at your left side.
  2. Your feet should be hip width apart. Get into a bent over position by shooting your hip back (hinge), bending at your knees slightly, and leaning your torso forward. Your spine should be straight.
  3. Grab the collar of the barbell with an overhand grip. Perform a row, bringing your elbow up as high as you can. Your elbow should come to full flexion.
  4. Squeeze at the top, really feeling the tension in your rear delts and upper back. Slowly lower the bar back down to full elbow extension, then repeat.
  • Do not use more weight than you can handle. This fatigues your spinal erectors and say goodbye to form.
  • Exhale on pushing movement, and inhale when returning to the starting position.
  • Hold a neutral spine throughout the movement to prevent injury.

Meadows Row

The meadows row is a unilateral landmine exercise used to target the muscles of the back. The meadows row also challenges one’s grip and indirectly targets the muscles of the bicep. This exercise is designed to target your lats, traps, and rear delts. If done properly, it will create small tears in your muscles, which will heal and ensure your muscles grow stronger and larger.

The meadows row is named after John Meadows, who popularized the movement. It is an excellent exercise for isolating each side of the back to build a balanced physique and quality strength.

Meadows Row
Exercise Instructions
  1. Position a barbell in a landmine attachment or wedged into the corner of a wall.
  2. Hinge forward with a staggered stance and grasp the barbell with a pronated (overhand) grip.
  3. Begin the movement by driving the elbow behind the body while retracting the shoulder blade.
  4. Pull the barbell towards your hip until the elbow is at (or just past) the midline and then slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position under control.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions on both sides.
  • Don’t allow momentum to dictate the movement, control the barbell throughout the entirety of each rep.
  • Be sure to allow your arm to hang down for a greater stretch and better range of motion.
  • Keep your core tight and don’t forget to exhale as you lift up and inhale as lower back down.

Landmine Row Alternative

If all of these Landmine Row benefits didn’t convince you about how great this exercise is, there are some Landmine Row Alternatives.

The Landmine Row Alternatives include other types of rows such as the Inverted Row, Dumbbell Row and Cable Row. As well, other exercises such as the Pull-up and Deadlift are useful Landmine Row Alternatives.


We hope this post has inspired you to put that landmine at your gym to use. You don’t have to try all of this landmine row right away, but pick one or two that make sense for each of your workouts over the next few weeks and throw them into the routine.

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