Best Core Exercises For Both Men and Woman

Best Core Exercises to get Strength, Stability, and Six-Pack Abs

If you are looking for the best core exercises, you are in the right place. The words ‘core’ and ‘abs’ are often used interchangeably in casual workout conversations, but the core is actually much more complex than just the coveted six-pack. Training both the deep and superficial core muscles to protect the spine increases stability … Read more

Best Brachioradialis Exercises For Bigger Forearms

best brachioradialis exercises

Having bigger, stronger forearms can give you a feeling of confidence. Muscular forearms can also convey a sense of athleticism and strength. To develop an impressive forearm, you need to target the muscles from every angle. That’s right, we said muscles. When it comes to growing their forearms, plenty of guys start and end with wrist … Read more

How To Do Seated Dumbbell Calf Raise & Its Variations

Seated Dumbbell Calf Raises

The seated dumbbell calf raise is a good exercise for those who don’t have access to a seated calf raise machine. You can do this exercise right at home without a machine, using a dumbbell only. Our calves contain two separate muscles: the soleus and gastrocnemius. The gastrocnemius is the visible muscle of the calf, connecting to the … Read more

High Cable Rear Delt Fly: Muscle Worked & Alternate

High Cable Rear Delt Fly

The High cable rear delt fly, also known as the standing cable rear delt fly, is an exercise that increases deltoid muscle definition and strength. Standing Cable Rear delt fly exercise targets your upper back muscles and shoulder muscles, particularly the posterior deltoids, or rear deltoids, on the backside of your shoulders. This rear shoulder … Read more

How To Do Seated Tricep Extension Correctly

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension

The Seated Dumbbell overhead tricep extension is an isolation exercise that works the muscle on the back of the upper arm, known as the triceps. The Seated overhead triceps extension is a versatile movement that targets your tricep muscles by repetitively flexing the elbow joint against resistance. You can perform the triceps extension in several … Read more

7 Dumbbell Calf Exercises & Workouts For Bigger Calves

7 Dumbbell Calf Exercises & Workouts For Bigger Calves

Try these simple yet effective Dumbbell calf exercises for strengthening your calf muscles. But before starting to implement the calf training routine, let understand a bit about calves muscles, and best dumbbell calf exercises and how to do it properly and correctly to maximize the gain. Anatomy of Calf Muscle The calves are a powerful set of … Read more

How To Do Weighted Side Bends & Its Benefits

Weighted Side Bends

The Weighted Side Bends are one of the best exercises to target your core muscles. It is one of the few exercises that specifically target the side muscles of your side also known as “obliques”. The weighted side bend movement engages and strengthens your oblique muscles, these muscles are responsible for spine movements and stabilizing the core. … Read more

How To Do Rear Delt Cable Pull Correctly

Standing Cable Rear Delt Pull

Rear Delt Cable Pull also known as rear delt row primarily target the posterior deltoids of the shoulder, which are often neglected by other shoulder exercises. You use a cable pulley machine to pull the weight straight toward your forehead. Exercising the rear delts will prevent muscular imbalance and build overall shoulder strength. This exercise … Read more

Pike Push-Ups: How To, Muscle Worked, Tips

Pike Push Up.

Pike push-ups are a difficult version of the traditional push-up that emphasizes your shoulder muscles and also train your triceps and chest. Incorporating this type of push-up into your exercise routine can help to build additional strength, muscle mass and improve weak areas in your shoulders. Pike Push-up is one of the greatest conditioning exercises … Read more

Hindu Pushups: How To, Benefits And Muscle Worked

Hindu Pushups

The Hindu push up is a traditional Indian-style exercise practiced by wrestlers and Indian martial artist. Traditional Indian wrestlers are performing Hindu pushups for centuries to strengthen their upper body. Each repetition includes going from a downward dog position to a cobra pose, swooping by holding the head and body close to the ground. Bruce Lee also … Read more