How To Do Scapula Push Ups And Its Other Variations

Scapula Push Ups

Scapula Push-Ups, or Scap Push–Ups are one of the best exercises for strengthening the upper back muscles and improving shoulder strength and mobility. Incorporating Scap Pushups into your exercise routine can help to build additional strength, muscle mass and improve weak areas in your shoulders and upper back. Scapular retraction push-ups are one of the greatest conditioning … Read more

How To Do Cable Shoulder Press & Its Benefits

Cable Shoulder Press

The cable shoulder press is one of the best exercises to target your deltoid muscles. It is one of the few cable exercises that target all the three heads of deltoid. When done with the right form and technique, cable shoulder presses can help a great deal in increasing the strength of the deltoid, and … Read more

Best Shoulder Workout With Barbell At Home

Best Shoulder Workout With Barbell At Home

If you’re looking for barbell shoulder workouts that you can do at home, then you’re in the right place. Well-developed shoulders are needed to improve the appearance. Broad shoulders and a wide back make a waist look smaller. A V-taper look is something that most people aspire to. The trouble for most of us is … Read more

Plate Front Raise: How To Do, Muscle Worked & Tips

Plate Front Raise How To Do, Muscle Worked & Tips

The plate front raise is classified as an upper body isolation exercise, with the anterior head of the deltoid muscle group being the main focus of this exercise. You can do the plate front raise seated or standing, but it’s best to keep the weight moderate for most lifters to ensure the safety of the … Read more

How To Do Rear Delt Cable Pull Correctly

Standing Cable Rear Delt Pull

Rear Delt Cable Pull also known as rear delt row primarily target the posterior deltoids of the shoulder, which are often neglected by other shoulder exercises. You use a cable pulley machine to pull the weight straight toward your forehead. Exercising the rear delts will prevent muscular imbalance and build overall shoulder strength. This exercise … Read more

5 Best Shoulder Push-Ups To Build Strength & Mass

push ups for shoulders

The push-up is one of the best bodyweight exercises for targeting muscles of the upper body. Similar to many other upper-body pressing exercises, push-ups recruit and train your chest, deltoid, and triceps muscle groups. While the standard push-up is familiar to most people, some people want to do push-up variations that train the shoulder muscles. … Read more

Svend Press: Benefits, Muscle Worked and Variation

Svend Press Benefits, Muscle Worked and Varations

The svend press is a chest exercise that some people think is a little weird. It’s mostly used as an at-home chest exercise and as an alternative chest exercise without a bench. It is an alternative and free weights exercise that primarily targets the chest, and to a lesser degree that also targets the shoulders … Read more

Reverse Cable Crossover: Muscle Worked, Benefit & Alternate

Reverse Cable Crossover Muscle Worked, Benefit & Alternate

Reverse Cable Crossover help you to strengthen and tone the rear deltoid muscles. It is a very effective and functional exercise for building muscle and strength in the posterior deltoids. In this article, you will learn about the muscle worked during reverse cable crossover, the benefits, and its alternatives. Reverse Cable Crossover has called by … Read more