How Can Some People Overeat & Gain No Weight?

How Can Some People Overeat & Gain No Weight

When it comes to eating, the biggest reason people control themselves is to avoid gaining weight due to health reasons. However, while you are getting rounder just from looking at your favorite food, some can drown in their favorite meal while not gaining any weight. So, why can some people overeat and gain no weight? … Read more

Best Plant Protein Powder In India 2022 | Vegan Protein Powder

Best Plant Protein Powder in India

Are you having difficulty choosing the best plant protein powder in India because you are a vegan? To put a stop to your worries about protein, we bring you the best vegan, plant-based protein powder options in India. ʻPlant-based vegan powders come from many sources, including pea, brown rice, soy, hemp, and seeds, among others. … Read more

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Green Tea

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Green Tea

In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, green tea was used to control bleeding and healing wounds. It also aids digestion, improves heart and mental health, and regulates body temperature. Recent studies have shown that green tea can potentially have positive effects on everything from weight loss to liver disorders, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. … Read more

15 Amazing use and health benefits of green tea.

Amazing use and health benefits of green tea.

One of the best teas on the market is green tea. This special tea is the favorite of thousands of people, who drink it every day for various purposes. Green tea packed with antioxidants, healthy compounds, and full of healthy benefits. Green tea has no calories and helps boost metabolism and improve your body’s efficiency … Read more